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Custom Laminating of Non-Woven for the Wall Covering Industry

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Custom Laminating of Non-Woven for the Wall Covering Industry
Custom Laminating of Non-Woven for the Wall Covering Industry

At Omni W.C. Inc. we have the flexibility to manage projects that involve large scale production on an ongoing basis. The material shown in the picture here is one example of a product that we manufacture in large volume quantities. We maintain a documented set of processes to ensure that all aspects of the product, including texture and color, are reproduced with accurate repeatability in each production lot.

Intended for use as a lamp shade fabric, we manufacture this material using Metalessence Grid Silver film, which we laminate onto a non-woven substrate. Primary processes involve adhesive lamination followed by a custom coating process. We also feed the material through our embossing line to create the matte textured finish. Sophisticated process controls, which we carefully monitor throughout the entire process, ensure we achieve uniform and consistent results from start-to-finish through these large scale production runs.

Surface gloss is among the important parameters that we test to ensure a high quality visual appearance of this fabric, and gloss meters provide an objective way to validate that the surface luster is within the range defined in the customer specification. We also employ various instruments and methodologies to test the lamination adhesion as well as the color match.

When completed, this fabric measures 10 mils thick, and we supply it to our client on rolls with a finished width of 46". We typically turn this job around with two or three weeks after we receive the order.

To learn more about his project or any of our laminating, coating, embossing, and printing capabilities, contact us today.

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Custom Laminating of Non-Woven Project Highlights

Product Name
Custom Laminating
Product Description
Decorative Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Adhesive Laminating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Laminator & Coater
Finished Width: 46"
Thickness: 10 Mils.
Material Used
Substrate: Non-Woven
Laminating Film: Metalessence Grid Silver
Material Finish
Embossing: Matte Texture
In process testing/inspection performed
We test lamination, surface gloss and color of item
Industry for Use
Wall Covering - Lamp Shade
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2-3 Weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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